Global Run Bodrum
Yarı Maratonu 2019

Bodrum Cruise Port

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27-28 Nisan, 2019


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The excitement starts for the 5. Global Run Bodrum. This year we set up with Parıltı Derneği to realize profound dreams. Everyone is running to Bodrum for Parıltı and we are waiting for you too.

Our aim is to bring children with no or little sight and other disabilities, to the same level as their peers in all areas until their education is completed, starting with their birth. Early education and integration training are of vital importance for these children.

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Gregory M. Kiez Anısına

Gregory Michael Kiez was born in Canada and spent his last 20 years in Turkey, where he left an important legacy as a successful businessman. Mr. Kiez was a devoted philanthropist and a committed guardian angel of artwork and the world’s heritage. Gregory Michael Kiez worked as an executive in Global Yatırım Holding and its affiliates for a long time and has successfully guided many individuals in the Global Family and in the sector with his meticulous work discipline, leadership and vision. He struggled with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) disease for over two years proving once more that he is a fighter and not a quitter, teaching us a final lesson.


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