• The Global Run Bodrum Half Marathon starts with a massed start at the time of the announced run .
  • The chest numbers are always attached so that they are visible from the front.
  • The marked trails are followed during the running. Marking can be done with paint, ribbon and tape. The vehicle will go up front. . On the race day, the marked course may be different than previously announced. It is the competitor's own responsibility to pass through the number of referees established on the course and prove that it has passed. The competitor must finish the course by running, any vehicle is forbidden and if it is used, the competitor is disqualified.
  • Participants who complete the courses are awarded with the finishing medal for the relevant course.
  • Participants compete with their responsibilities by signing the Risk Acceptance Form.
  • It is the competitor's responsibility to comply with the general rules of traffic, property and safety during the competition. The use of zones, passages and methods prohibited by the organization is prohibited. In case of violation of this rule, the person who is responsible for the legal problems will be the contestant and the organization cannot be held responsible.
  • Those who leave the competition for a variety of reasons MUST notify the organization and come to the destination.
  • All contestants accept that all financial rights will belong to Global Investment Holding AS within the articles 21,22,23,24 and 25 of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and the photos taken by the authorized organizers and the staff assigned to be used within the scope of the competition without any number and time limit. Photos and visuals dia, print, duplicated film, all kinds of internet, social media, CD, DVD, microfilm and so on, with any means available or can be developed in the future without any media, place and number limitation in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works Global Investment Holding can be used by the organizer company.For the visuals, neither wages nor rights will be claimed under the name of any price.
  • In the competitions, in the subject here unwritten TAF (Turkey Athletics Federation) competitions instruction is applied.
  • Competitions are followed by chip time system. The chip measures the exit time, intermediate points and the time of the competition on arrival. The one who loses his chip is disqualified.
  • Chip will not be used in the Tiny Steps course.
  • The competition of the persons who are incapable of continuing to race by the organizers and the health personnel is stopped. This decision is final and cannot be challenged.
  • Failure to comply with race and environmental protection rules and to discuss with officials and volunteers will result in various time penalties (including disqualification)
  • Chest numbers and chips cannot be changed, transferable.
  • Runners accept that Global Investment Holdings and Organizers have the right to send mail and text messages about the upcoming and current organizations of the company, the visuals and results taken during the organization have the right to distribute over the web. No personal information will be shared with other companies.
  • The 5K track is limited to 2 hours, the 10K track is 2.30 hours and the 21K track is restricted to 3.30 hours. It is required to pass through Finish Point within specified hours. After completing the given time limit, runners who complete the competition cannot enter into the dissection and cannot claim any rights for the certificate and medal.
  • After the time limit given to the 5K, 10K and 21K tracks, the track will be opened to traffic. The athletes who continue to compete after the specified hours are at their own risk.
  • The 21K course is limited to 3 hours. It is required to pass through Finish Point within 3 hours.
  • The delivery of the Kit will not be made except the hours indicated by the organization management.For any athlete who arrives outside of the hours specified by the organization management or who is late, (except for Tiny Steps), KİT will not be delivered.
  • Runners who have reached the age of 16 and do not have any problems in terms of health 5K - 10K, 18 years of age and have no problems in terms of health runners can participate in the 21K competition.
  • The collection vehicle or ambulance will go after the last runner.
  • Everyone who has participated in the competition is deemed to have accepted these rules and conditions in advance.

DROP BAG: The Drop Bag area to be created at the starting point of the competition (Safety Depository Area) will be ready for the runners to leave their belongings between 07.00 and 08.30.