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Global Run Bodrum Half Marathon, undertaken by Global Investment Holdings in Turkey and performed in Bodrum Cruise Port which is one of the ports operated by Global Ports Holding in the World, fill the streets of Bodrum every year with festival enthusiasm. In Global Run Bodrum, over 1000 athletes compete in 5,10,21 kilometers, while children participate in the Tiny Steps run in 2 different age categories.

6. Global Run Bodrum Half Marathon, as well as its support for sports and sports tourism, supports The Support Association for Children Who Don’t See a Glow with all income from the competition. Global Run Bodrum Half Marathon will be held for the 6th time this year and will take place in Bodrum Cruise Port on 27-28 April 2019 with fun activities.

5. Global Run Bodrum 2018

Global Run Bodrum's 5 Series was held on April 29, 2018 on Sunday, hosted by Global Investment Holding and Global Ports Holding. Irem Derici concert was held for the contestants and the people of the Bodrum at Bodrum Cruise Port on the 28th of April in the Global Run Bodrum which is Bodrum's ’summer season’ has become the opening event. On April 29, 2090 athletes attended the event, all income from the race was donated to The Support Association for the Children Who Don’t See a Glow.

Event Video
Event Video

4. Global Run Bodrum 2017

The 4. Global Run Bodrum event was organized by Global Yatırım Holding and hosted by Global Ports Holding at Global Cruise Port on 29-30 April with the participation of 1.500 athletes. Ece Erken gave a concert and various entertaining activities were held prior to the run. All funds raised by the race were donated to Tohum Otizm Vakfı (Tohum Autism Foundation) and Parıltı Derneği (Parıltı Charity Association).

3. Global Run Bodrum 2016

The third Global Run Bodrum, organized by Global Ports Holding was held on Sunday, 17 April 2016. The Global Run Bodrum was like a cheerful festival in Bodrum’s unique atmosphere with colorful activities between 15-17 April. Over 1.000 athletes started from Bodrum Cruise Port to run the 10K course. The traditional kindness race contributed to TOÇEV (Tuvana Foundation for Educating Children) and Parıltı Derneği (Parıltı Charity Association) this year.

Event Video
Event Video

2. Global Run Bodrum 2015

Global Ports Holding supports sports tourism by hosting the Global Run Bodrum event for the second time at Bodrum Cruise Port on Sunday, 3 May 2015. All funds raised by the race that was held with the participation of 1.250 athletes were donated to Parıltı Derneği (Parıltı Charity Association).

1. Global Run Bodrum 2014

The inaugural event of Global Run Bodrum was organized by Global Ports Holding on Sunday, 27 April 2014. All funds raised by the race that was held at Bodrum Cruise Port with the participation of over 1.000 athletes were donated to Toplum Gönüllüleri Derneği (Community Volunteers Association).

Event Video
Event Video

Global Run Valletta 2016

The Global Run Valetta, which was organized for the first time by Global Ports Holding on Sunday, 30 October 2016 in Valetta, is an innovative sporting activity attracting athletes from Malta and numerous other countries for the 10K-5K run and 5K walking events. The Global Run Valetta, set against the historical background of Valetta’s bastions and harbor has gained widespread acclaim in Europe. The race center was located at Valletta Cruise Port, Malta. The event area was open to runners from the morning of Saturday, October 29th, where the race packages were handed out. All funds raised by this event will be donated to Puttinu Cares.

Global Run Ravenna

The final event of international kindness chain Global Run of Global Ports Holding for the year was held in Ravenna on 12 October 2017. The famous Ravenna Marathon, one of the most popular international racing events in Italy was organized under the name Global Ports Maratona di Ravenna Città d'Arte this year, with the participation of 8.012 athletes from 43 countries competing in marathon, half marathon and 10K races. Athletes were awarded in marathon, half marathon and 10K distances and the funds raised by the event were used to support the Margherita Project carried out by Romagnolo Oncological Institute located in Ravenna, Forli and Rimin. The course runs through 12 famous artefacts in Ravenna, which is surrounded by UNESCO heritage sites, where live music was conducted at 12 different locations throughout the course.

Event Video
Event Video

Global Adria Half Marathon and 10K Kotor

Global Ports Holding has introduced the Global Run, an event it has organized in the last two years in Bodrum, to the international arena. International Global Adria Half Marathon and 10K race which was organized for the first time in Kotor on 6 September 2015, was an exciting experience for 800 athletes from various countries, combining sports and travel. All funds raised with registration fees were donated for improvement of Secondary School of Economics and Hospitality located in the city of Bar, Montenegro.