Run For Kindness

The Support Association for Children Who Don’t See A Glow was established in Istanbul on February 26, 2003 by families of children with multiple disabilities who have low vision and other disabilities as well as other obstacles.

The family has reached more than 700 children aged 0-16 from all over the dorm, in our assocition which is the only one in support of education for Turkey’s blind baby and child. The goal of our association is that our children become self-confident, at peace with themselves, in harmony with their surroundings, as professionals, independent individuals.

Our aim; Children who don’t see, less see and have other obstacles besides seeing, from birth, bring to the same level with their peers in all areas until their education is completed. . Therefore, the importance of early education and inclusive education is very large for our children.

Early education; In the infancy and preschool period which started with birth, the foundations of learning and behavior patterns that affect the development of the child in advanced ages are laid. The early stimulus and the wealth of experience provided in this critical period is vital.

The importance of this period increases for children with special education needs. It is vital to start education as soon as possible so that children with disabilities can reach the level of development of their peers or do the best they can.

Considering early education, the main target group of our association is 0-6 years, especially the first three years of life. Our aim is to raise awareness of the family with children about 0-6 years of age and to provide educational guidance.

Mainstreaming; children who have different growth rates and characteristics are trained in the same environment as their normal developing peers. The children who are deemed appropriate by our center are directed to inclusive education by providing the necessary training support and guidance.

Students who are attending our center, In order to get receiveing education with their sighted peers, to begin pre-primary education at primary, high school and university, students are given education in basic areas such as social development, independent movement, relief writing, and abacus specific to sight-disabled persons.

In the process of inclusive education, the administrators and teachers of the formal education institutions that our students continue are informed about the mainstreaming education. Both the educational process and the problems arising from the characteristics of the child by talking face to face or have a phone conversation with teachers is searched for solutions.